Meson Cloud

Meson Cloud is a Web3 application layer that utilizes Meson's bandwidth marketplace as its foundation.

Gateway X

Gateway X, provided by Meson Cloud Services, is a Gateway Service that functions as a bridge between Web3 such as Arweave/IPFS and traditional Web2.

  • Unlimited Storage

Gateway X offers users unlimited storage capacity for caching and charges based on bandwidth usage.

  • Dedicated Gateway

Gateway X provides a dedicated gateway connection, supports multiple Web3 Domain Name Service resolution acceleration services, and facilitates seamless interaction with the conventional Internet.

  • One-click Import

Gateway X offers one-click migration / backup for Arweave & IPFS files. It allows easy pinning of Arweave & IPFS stored files to both Meson Cloud and the user's local storage, guaranteeing the permanent storage of NFTs and other files.


mCloud is a Web3 Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that offers a more environmentally sustainable method of hosting and deploying applications. It supports both full-stack applications and docker deployment techniques.

  • Easy to be used

Easily deploy complex architectures with a single click and obtain a secure, fully-constructed hosting infrastructure within seconds.

  • Reliability and Redundancy

Users can deploy applications both in traditional data centers and on various blockchain nodes simultaneously, preventing service unavailability due to a single point of dependency.

  • Cost saving

Maximize the value of your resources by choosing the most cost-effective and affordable service from a range of plans.


mPad is a New Way for content distribution.

  • Unrestricted by platform limitations

The underlying protocol eliminates the need for a platform carrier, enabling multi-protocol object storage and reducing the risk of file loss.

  • Multi-protocol support

Support Arweave, IPFS, Bittorrent, and other P2P transmission protocols, and use GatewayX to improve retrieval speed.

  • Censorship Resistance

Distributed through the underlying protocol, breaking the restrictions from geographical distribution, you can freely transmit and share content.