Gateway X 101

Gateway X is a gateway for Arweave / IPFS that utilizes the Meson Cloud infrastructure.

Create Gateway X

ClickΒ Gateway X, click on New Gateway to start creating a new one.

Select gateway type, choose IPFS、Arweave、mCDN, select the geographical location for the cloud, set tags, click create, and the creation process will be completed.

After waiting for 1-3 minutes, the Gateway will be created and completed.

Click Edit, click on Switch Default, change Default to Yes, and click Update to confirm.

Upload Files

ClickΒ Uploading, select Uploading + Local or Uploading + Cloud.

  • Uploading + Local: Client installation is required to utilize local unlimited storage space.
  • Uploading + Cloud: No client installation is needed to experience unlimited bandwidth on cloud services.

Open the client and use it to start uploading.


How can Gateway X be distinguished from other hosted services that employ Arweave and IPFS in terms of advantages?

Gateway X is a web3 storage solution that provides several advantages over other hosted services that utilize Arweave and IPFS. One of the most significant benefits of Gateway X is its scalability. The platform is designed to ensure robust performance and dependability, even when dealing with vast amounts of data, thus offering users the ability to rely on it both currently and in the future.

Moreover, Gateway X allows for the backup of IPFS data in Filecoin storage transactions, providing secure storage and facilitating easy retrieval. In contrast, Arweave data is stored permanently and offers encrypted proof of storage, thus enhancing the security and reliability of the stored data.

In addition, Gateway X leverages high-performing infrastructure, including the Meson Network, to offer top-quality Arweave and IPFS implementations. The platform's Arweave and IPFS HTTP gateway boasts a higher number of points of presence (POPs) and cache capacity than many other public gateways, further improving the overall performance and reliability of the service.

Gateway XPinataWeb3.storageFilebase
Local Storage Supportyesnonono
Exclusive Upload Gatewayyesnonono
Total PoPs30K+200+200+200+
Total Files pinnedUnlimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Dedicated Gateway BandwidthUnlimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Replicated onto Filecoinyesnoyesno
IPFS/Arweave Supportyesnonono
File Cache1G512 MB512 MB512 MB