• 2020

    Deliver the Meson prototype

  • 2021

    Launch the Testnet-1.0

    Integrate the IPFS & Arweave as the storage layer and release the testnet mining rules.

    Meson Terminal

    Launch the Testnet-2.5

    Decouple the structure between storage and retrieval, develop the architecture to support all kinds of origin URL based on HTTP302. Support the m3u8 standard to power the video and livestreaming platform (e.g.

    Deploy the testnet token mapping contract and add Meson Improvement Proposals(MIPs). Users can join the governance for the network.

    Target early adopters.

  • 2022

    Release the token model documentation

    Ship the production version

  • 2022-2023

    Mainnet-1.0: ERC20-based network

    Launch the first mainnet version of Meson Network on Ethereum. Users can start trading bandwidth resources on Meson upon our launch.

  • 2022-2023

    Mainnet-2.0: Support the whole EVM-compatible bridges

    Support various EVM-compatible chains, lower the threshold for users to use the network, and begin to integrate distributed home nodes as a complement to the network.

  • 2023-2024

    Mainnet-3.0: Meson Blockchain

    Launch the Meson blockchain with sustainable ecosystem. Onboard the Developer / Cloud Service Provider / Telecom / Data Center. Serve the Images / Short Video / Long Video / Livestreaming / Downloading / Game.

    Battle for Web3: Infrastructure & Entry

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