Accelerate Full Website

Anything to accelerate by Meson Network can be as simple as changing the URL.

Register Meson CDN

Register and Login to Meson CDN dashboard in new window

Create Pull Zone

Click Pull zones, check out the Pull Zone List.

Click Create pull zone, and Enter the Website Domain you want to accelerate.

β€œOrigin Url” should be specified without path. for example, https://www.domain.comopen in new window

Example: Meson enhances IPFS

We added a cache layer (AKA. second layer) on IPFS, which stores the high-frequency retrieval files to Meson. It might be helpful to optimize the speed for content delivery and to save the cost/pressure in the basic storage layer (IPFS).

Define theΒ Origin URL(e.g.

ClickΒ Add, Get Pull zone url

Change the original path into the new one.

Now request this new url. meson needs some time to deploy the file on distributed terminals globally.

The link jumps to a specific node to serve the request, spec00-bfhkcefkbefkfxx-06-rlhgrj is the hash of node.